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CES Power Draw

The CES Power Draw is a 40-week gift card raffle fundraiser (see attached prize schedule). Every Thursday beginning September 29, 2016 through to June 29, 2017 we will draw for a $500 gift card. Additionally there are 2 early bird prizes to be won, making the total value of prizes to be won $21,500!!! Every ticket is eligible for multiple draws throughout the year, for example if you purchase 1 ticket before the 1st early bird draw being June 28, 2016 your 1 ticket will be entered to win every single week of gift cards plus the 2 early bird draws!


Tickets are $50 each. And while we realize this may seem expensive for 1 ticket the benefits are:

  • Potential to spend much less on school fundraisers than what you have in the past;
  • No discount card/stuff you don’t need. Instead you can win terrific, useful, and needed prizes;
  • Instead of just an opt-out with nothing in return, this is an opt-out with benefits;
  • All CES fundraising needs will be met and then some if we sell out of tickets; and
  • With 42 draws this works out to less than the cost to buy 1 Tim Horton’s coffee for 42 days!


In following our proposed opt-out amounts, we are asking each family with 1 CES child to buy/sell at least 1 ticket; for families with 2+ CES children we asking you to buy/sell at least 2 tickets. The purchase of a Power Draw ticket is not mandatory, but we encourage you to support this initiative as the proceeds will directly benefit your children at CES by providing them with additional educational materials, resources, experiences, and much more! Please see the school for an order form and instructions on how to purchase the tickets. This raffle is open to the public and not just for CES families.

Tickets can also be purchased on-line by following this link CES Power Draw

Should you have any questions please contact the CES office and they will put you in touch with a representative from Society and/or a raffle organizer. We hope you enjoy this unique opportunity!



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