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Jr. ATB comes to Coalhurst Elementary



What is the Junior ATB Program? It’s a small-scale bank, modeled after the ATB Financial Institution. Students will begin by naming the branch, and then will be responsible for its management and operations. The program teaches children the value of saving money in a practical, yet fun way. The children will not only build their own savings, but also gain many practical skills. And just like us adults, the children will receive monthly statements, sent to their home address, so that he/she can watch their savings grow!

Junior ATB deposit days will take place every second Wednesday in the school’s library, and is available
to all students in grades 1-6.
Every student participating in the Junior ATB Program will have an ATB Generation Account opened in his/her name. These
accounts are opened as joint accounts with one parent or guardian. The Generation Account allows students to make
weekly deposits at his/her school branch, focusing on the importance of savings. Withdrawals can be made at any ATB Branch with a parent or guardian present, as long as the joint account has been properly opened.

Participation is completely voluntary. 


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