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New Bus Loop

Dear CES Parents,

I want to update you on the progress of the long awaited bus loop and highlight the procedures for its usage. We have made the decision to begin operating the bus loop even though there are a few outstanding components before it is 100% finished. To date the bus loop itself has been completed and there is limited parking in the ‘old’ parking lot. In the late spring and summer there are plans to develop a larger parking lot in the space previously occupied by the wooden playground.

The contractors have yet to complete the wheelchair accessibility ramps though there are now four parking spots reserved for people with disabilities. There are plans to complete this work but the weather has now become an issue. Right now wheelchair accessibility is located on the first parking stall closest to 51st Avenue.

  1. Vehicles are permitted to drive on the bus loop. The bus loop is one-way in a counter clockwise direction.
  2. Vehicles are not permitted to park in the bus loop or use the bus loading zone.
  3. Speed through the bus loop should be limited to 10 km/hour.
  4. The entrance to the old parking lot is via the bus loop. Please do not enter the old parking lot directly from 51st Avenue.
  5. A crosswalk is located at the end of the bus loop. All vehicles must exercise caution for pedestrians in all areas of the parking lot. The crosswalk is not yet marked, however, we have been encouraging the students to cross only at this point. Students are not to cross the bus loop in other areas.
  6. Student drop-off has been expanded on 51st Avenue. Parents may now drop off their children in the area that was once reserved for buses. Please observe the signage and avoid parking in the entry to the old parking lot. The buses require a wide turning radius coming out onto 51st Avenue. Please do not use the parking spots for student drop-off during school hours or during KidZone hours.

While this has been a longer than expected process the results have been great thus far. Students, staff, parents, and guests have been doing a great job of supporting a safe environment for all! If you have questions, please inquire.


Chris McIntyre

CES Principal


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